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The False Unity of the Noosphere The False Unity of the Noosphere Sébastien Vaas
An illusion of our age

Auteur: Sébastien Vaas

Many of us feel the nostalgia of a past when a much greater unity between human beings existed. It is a vague vision, far behind us, and few individuals are willing to devote the required inner efforts necessary to return to that time. Therefore, many make do with the false solutions offered by the system which flatters their lazy ego, and consequently, they move further away from what they wish to accomplish.

It is often this hope for a return to the Source that will entice people to use psychedelic drugs; it is a kind of longing – particularly strong in our western materialist society – to feel that we are intimately linked with the universe, that we are all connected, and that our life has a meaning. Unfortunately the restlessness of our ego finally makes us vulnerable to even greater delusions.

Ken Kesey, from the Tavistock Institute which specializes in social control, said that his daily use of LSD in the 60's during his involvement with the psychedelic bus of the Merry Pranksters, made him feel as if his soul was merging with the soul of the other group members. He was then talking about the noosphere, "the Earth's mental layer", conceptualized by the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin.

In the case of drugs, what happens is that one voluntarily puts one's soul in the power of astral entities, or group-soul behind this substance, who bring us into their own reality. It is then normal to feel connected with the other souls which are also under their influence, and whose acts and words express the same reality. However, being disconnected from our self, we are not really sharing our inner self.

These occult "technologies" – that could be called Luciferian, according to the term used by Rudolf Steiner – have inspired another type of technologies, the Ahrimanian ones. When Marshall McLuhan said in 1968 that "computers are the LSD of the business world", he wasn't just playing with words, but was evoking something strangely real. Several engineers of the computer world – from Apple to Microsoft – have admitted to have taken psychedelic substances in order to find new ideas. It would therefore seem that the Internet is another product of such "inspirations".

The Internet itself can in fact give the impression of filling this need for unity and communication, and future technologies – from wireless handheld computers to virtual reality – should continue in the same direction. But at the same time, we have never been so isolated from one another, and it seems we no longer know how to speak "heart to heart", but only through machines, which turns us into machines as well.

We can talk and get information for hours on the Web – just as we can endlessly explore the world of astral delusions but, in the end, we remain in the comfortable world of our ego, choosing what we want to believe, gradually losing our ability to face the reality of people around us, and thus drifting further and further away from any kind of objectivity. The physical distance created by the "miracles" of telecommunications also increasingly prevents any energetic exchange required for tapping into divine energies. It then becomes increasingly difficult to perceive the truth and to reach more subtle domains of the reality.

The significance of this delusive quest for unity is much greater than simple individual neurosis. The more people try to communicate through external means, the more they feed the group-souls with their own soul's energy, and consequently, the more powerful these entities become and the more impact they have on reality. The same goes for the Internet which is becoming "alive" because millions of souls are constantly feeding it.

For promoters of the noosphere such as José Arguëlles, founder of a huge spiritual movement based on the Mayan calendar, the "technosphere" is an inevitable passage from the biosphere to the noosphere. This means that it is through technical infrastructures such as the Internet that human beings will get on the same frequency and then, having acquired "supra-psychic" powers, like telepathy, the technology will become obsolete. Or more likely, the development of nanotechnology – combined with biotechnology, information technology, cognitive science and sociotechnology – will somehow make it invisible.

Just as technologies are converging towards an absolute control of matter, these forces of the astral world are currently uniting in a single planetary current that we could call "Gaia". Individuals disconnected from their divine essence are finding themselves gradually absorbed by this planetary echo – the noosphere or the Matrix – driven solely by a survival instinct and certainly not by the spiritual values of Truth, Love and Freedom, even if those who lock themselves in this collective prison, encouraging others to follow them, pretend to do so out of "love".

By “opening” themselves with drugs, or by remaining hypnotized in front of screens, these people are emptying their souls until they become channels for higher forces – that is to say for the negative hierarchy which has been controlling humanity for millennia. Their thoughts are fed telepathically from the noosphere, so they lose al1 individuality while their ego gets inflated in the process. In fact, Teilhard de Chardin wrote of a homogenization and depersonalization process (a melting at the omega point, the point of planetary convergence, that he called Christ, when it means exactly the opposite).

These people believe they are free, but their soul is being energetically enslaved and their choices are limited to a certain framework, either the binary world of computers or the astral world of drugs or any other framework of this world. Julian Huxley, founder of UNESCO, saw the noosphere as "humanity united within a unique thought framework". As for his brother Aldous, he is responsible for the spreading of the LSD cult in the 60's. Author of Brave New World, he was well aware of the use of drugs as a tool for social control.

Since there are no coincidences in the world of the elites, we will also point out that the grandfather of the two brothers, the freemason Thomas H. Huxley, was a great defender of Darwin’s theories and he dedicated his life to fight competing ideas. The belief in a progressive biological evolution is the perfect soil for sowing the belief of a progressive mental evolution (some would say "spiritual" evolution) which is the basis for the concept of the noosphere. This also supports the ideology of "conscious evolution" which states that humanity must now take control of its own biological evolution, with the help of eugenism and genetic engineering, rather than leaving it to the randomness of nature. Once again, we see how this promised "spiritual evolution" is closely linked to technological evolution.

To come back to those who have "sold their soul to the Devil" by joining the negative hierarchy, one should also realize that, even if their free will has been reduced to a minimum, they potentially have access to all the information stored in the noosphere, which gives them an enormous power. On the other hand, those of us who seek this information to free ourselves, as well as others, will have to put forth superhuman efforts to reach it. However, we have the power to transcend and use any situation as a catalyst for liberation.

In the coming years, the emergence of the noosphere will create such a strong social conditioning that great individual commitment and willpower will be required to avoid getting caught in the flow. The ones who will not follow will feel increasingly alienated, while everyone around them will appear to understand each other and to be "filled with love". The "Last Judgment" test will then consist in realizing that this unity is simulated and that true Love has been diverted.

It will then be a case of having the courage to reject this culture of death and to detach ourselves from the rest of humanity, especially regarding beliefs. Only by taking this step into the void – having faith that "God does not abandon its children" – will we have the opportunity to meet other dissenting souls and to create together a new world in accordance with the divine laws, and to prepare our return to true cosmic Unity.

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