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The New Age Smokescreen
Origins and goals of the movement

Auteur: Joël Labruyère

Warning: This document presents a series of unusual esoteric data, usually unknown to seekers. You will find herein secret information which may deeply upset the beliefs and ideas of readers who identify with a rather "conformist" vision of the world. An effort of attention is thus recommended, as well as a second reading. The data expounded below are part of an attempt to popularize complex occult issues, as if we tried to explain nuclear physics to a child. In fact, what we are revealing here are some of the greatest secrets of occultism about the way mankind is controlled by forces we call "satanic".

Question: Within New Age circles, it is said that "Christ", also named Maitreya, will come back to earth in our times. Where does this belief come from?

First of all, for a good understanding of the situation, we will explain the historical roots of this belief. This is a bit tedious but nevertheless essential.

The expectation of a New Age savior is a dogma borrowed from Judeo-Christian messianism and which somehow meets the oriental dogma of avatars. It was spread by occultists within the Theosophical Society, the fertile matrix from which most of the contemporary spiritual and esoteric movements are issued. At the beginning, this international movement would have been inspired by mysterious "Masters of Wisdom" whose hierarchical leader is called Maitreya, according to the name given by Buddhists to the Bodhisattva of the future.

This gave birth to the "Great White Lodge", the reference for most New Age groups and pseudo-initiation movements. At the end of the 19th century, the founder of Theosophy, the Russian aristocrat Helena Blavatsky, pretended to have met mysterious persons at the far end of India and the Himalayas.

It is said that they charged her to spread their knowledge throughout the West in order to slow down the surge of materialism which was appearing during the 19th century. According to Madam Blavatsky, there were real meetings with beings of flesh and blood. Those initiates didn't intend to be known publicly, nor to establish a new religion based on their image. Thus, they disappeared when the cult of personality manifested itself around them and truly turned into devotion.

They only intended to revive some knowledge that had been lost in the crystallized religious cultures of modern times. Helena Blavatsky used all her will power, which was enormous, and she created an international institution based in India to spread the knowledge gathered in the six volumes of the "Secret Doctrine".

For over a century, there has been controversy about this woman. Some pretend that she was the puppet of a politico-occult lodge or an illuminati agent whose real goal had nothing to do with spirituality. She has even been charged for being a secret agent for England and the United States.

After her death, she is said to have asked the clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner to reveal that she had dissociated herself from the "Eastern Lodge". Steiner transmitted the following message: "With the consent of Madam Blavatsky, currently disembodied, she asks me to tell you that she has been misled".

One could say that it's easy to make the dead speak, but Steiner nevertheless broke all links with the Theosophical Society for which he had been the secretary in Germany. Later on, he spread a specifically Christian teaching – or rather Christ-centered, in order to avoid any reference to a religious dogma. The theosophists attacked him by pretending he was an agent of the Jesuits, but this contradicts his virulent denunciation of the Jesuits politics.

In any event, while they were in the first row of the "lodge", neither Blavatsky, and even less so Steiner, spoke of a return of Christ or the coming of the Bodhisattva Maitreya. As for the original teachers of Blavatsky – the "Masters of Wisdom" – they never mentioned the idea of a return of Christ on the earthly plane since it had already been accomplished in the time of Golgotha. The theory of the "second coming" is the literal interpretation of allegorical passages of the New Testament.

It would then seem that the original theosophical teachings – which do not mention a "second coming" or a golden age – did not give birth to the ideas which later on appeared in the neo-theosophist circles of the New Age. These facts can be easily verified.

While it is true that Blavatsky used magic to prove the existence of paranormal phenomena, she later regretted having done so. Some suspected her to have copied the faces of her "Masters" from people then living in India. On this subject, all theories are however contradictory.

After the death of Blavatsky, when Charles Leadbeater headed the Theosophical Society, the idea of a "return of Christ" was successfully spread. It then became a dogma. Under Leadbeater's leadership, there was even an attempt to hasten this "second coming" by giving the role of the messiah to Krishnamurti, a young Brahman of south India, who was educated by Leadbeater for that purpose. Once grown-up, in the 20's, Krishnamurti rejected this mission, denouncing it as pure opportunism. Until his last breath in the 80's, he warned against referring to any occult master and denounced the cult of authority in the spiritual realm.

The idea of an imminent return of Christ reappeared with Alice Bailey, a theosophist medium who claimed to be inspired by an initiate named Djwal Khool. Alice Bailey gave birth to the concept of the "New Age", announcing the time when the "New World Order" would appear, to be led by the Christ-Maitreya. Trained as a Christian preacher, Bailey undertook with great missionary zeal the task of announcing the "return of Christ".

During the 40's, while spreading her teachings, Alice Bailey did not pretend to be a medium for Christ himself. But progressively, New Age mediums and channels will grab this idea and will truly believe to be in contact with high ranking religious figures like Jesus, Buddha or others.

We believe it is a sign of final decadence that the names of mankind's great spiritual teachers should be used by channels under the control of astral ghosts. But undoubtedly, the worst is yet to come.

How could such deterioration happen?

Charles Leadbeater, an English freemason with psychic powers, showed the way. He presented the great traditional avatars as "Masters" who may be contacted at random. This commonplace attitude quickly degenerated into a regular practice for the "channels" – the neo-spiritualists of our age. Leadbeater manipulated people by asserting himself as the worthy messenger of the "Masters of the Great White Lodge".

Do these people really believe they are in direct contact with Christ or Buddha?

Yes, thanks to the popularization led by the "Great White Lodge". According to its interpretation, the great avatars would simply be available to any medium or clairvoyant wandering in the astral world of illusion. The astral plane, well known by clairvoyants, is the world of delusion and deceit par excellence. Many disembodied beings may manifest themselves astrally to mediums, pretending to be deceased philosophers, geniuses, saints or great historical icons. But only God can recognize its children, as the hereafter is filled with mischievous spirits and charlatans.

Because of the nature of our astral body, all of us are in touch with the invisible, especially while we sleep. This is normal and not really of great interest. But the New Age practices the cult of the occult. Spirituality based on the astral world is only low spiritualism and there is nothing sacred about it. True divine beings, who should not be mistaken with "Guides" of the New Age, live in higher dimensions of the universe and they never communicate with a human being without due consideration.

Why is this so? Primarily, because they wish to avoid mystifications and most of all, because they have nothing to say to such egotist creatures as we are. We must have lost the sense of our current state of being to believe that the sons of God can be contacted by phone. Even if we try very hard, we cannot arrange a meeting with a Hollywood star! However, some New Age messengers will call the Christ's secretary or the archangel Michael as soon as they wake in the morning. "Hello, you are not here Lord? Please call me back today, I have something important to ask you. Kiss." This is only slightly exaggerated.

So we could say that spiritualism and channeling are based on disembodied entities intervening from the hereafter and abusing mankind?

Exactly! There is almost no exception. The experience of channeling may have some reality, but the entity contacted is never a divine messenger belonging to a regular hierarchy. It is always an abnormal entity from the hereafter, who is looking for preys in order to generate some energy to be used for its own benefit. We will explain this process later on. It is extremely simple. Once we have understood how it works, we can no longer be fooled by spirits taking false identities – usually famous ones. Why wouldn't they prey on humans who are so easily deluded by appearances?

A "regular" initiate will contact you in the simplest way possible, usually on the physical plane of existence. However, before getting involved in occult experiments, ask yourself why you should deserve to be chosen for a mission? Are you such an important person that you would be charged with messages of cosmic significance? There is huge arrogance behind this claim.

With a little common sense, we realize how ludicrous the attitude of those who improperly call themselves "messengers of the Masters" is. But we recognize the tree by its fruits and the analysis of their "messages" often reveals the deception. It could be considered as simply a game, but some messages coming from the occult world are very dangerous because they reverse the principles of our current evolution, which may stroke people's ego, but it makes them a victim of bewildering delusion. This is pure satanic scheming, the word being used without any fanatical idea or reference to conservative dogmas. Satanism may have a "white" face, and a "black" face. We think the ''white'' is "good". This is why, in the spiritualistic world, countless are those who mistake appearances with reality. In their childhood, they have been told the story of the wolf with a floury muzzle, but when this bad guy comes knocking at their door bleating words of love and peace, they get caught. Ah, the words of love! The Internet is full of New Age sites that talk of nothing but beings of light and love. An emotionally immature person will get trapped. These messages' goal is not innocent. It serves to counter the action of the Spirit of Truth by creating a grid of vain sentimentality around the Earth. However, New Agers avoid being at issue on that question.

New "revelations" are made daily. What is the purpose, considering that the same rose-colored messages are repeated over and over again?

Messages keep changing progressively as the disembodied entities inspiring the channels are fed by new data coming from genuine spiritual teachings that have been published in writing. Failing this, these entities would have nothing to say except the same old clichés such as "I am Jesus and I'm telling you to love each other" or pseudo-prophecies stolen from John's Book of Revelation . They plunder ancient traditions and put them back into circulation under the form of "great Andean or Tibetan prophecies". They have no compunction whatsoever!

There are parasitic entities in the hereafter who know how to cleverly word their messages by using elaborate esoteric doctrines, of which uneducated occultists usually know nothing. When reading these "revelations", one always finds things that are already known. But this is not what is really important here, because what we have to know is that powerful entities control this game of delusion. They are somewhat like the owners of a casino, going from table to table to make sure everything is fine.

All this wild channeling is organized by invisible fellowships – occult gangs – whose wish is to spread flattering doctrines such as the return of Christ and the coming of a golden age, for example. Understandably, an idealist and generous human being appreciates such ideas.

But should he have no traditional conception of the world nor possess any true inner centering, he may believe whatever is being said. At higher levels, such manipulations are about occult politics in order to influence masses with certain types of thought-forms.

Who is behind all this propaganda of which mediums are the first victims, before it draw innocent people in, like the blind leading the blind?

The question is always: who benefits from the crime? Let's return to the beginning of the New Age movement. It is an initiate from the "Great White Lodge" – who made himself known under the name of Djwal Khool – and whose nickname is ''the Tibetan" – who revealed to Alice Bailey that humanity would soon enter into a golden age and that Christ himself would take control of earthly affairs. These claims constitute the main theme of the writings of Alice Bailey.

According to her, or rather according to the Tibetan, the golden age will come when human beings will have created a New World Order, based on a planetary civilization and a unique worldwide religion. This world order, which will be led by Christ and his disciples, will be prepared by large international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, the WHO, the IMF, etc. Let's not forget that these prophecies were made before those organizations were created, which shows how the messages of the Tibetan make it clear that he is the driving force behind the inauguration of the idea of the New World Order.

For those who have eyes to see, it is obvious that these international institutions, which are preparing the "golden age”, are actually the ones responsible for a constant degradation of life, health and culture. There have been more wars and genocides since the inception of the UN; the WHO poisons and vaccinates the masses to deaden their mind; UNESCO downgrades culture; the IMF generates debts for the rich countries while it steals from the poor ones. Science destroys the environment under the benevolent eye of world institutions responsible for protecting nature, and so on. However, for the Tibetan, all this is being presented as progress. If the New World Order is so costly, should we not be worried about the announced coming of a messiah?

The messiah of the New World Order looks exactly like the Antichrist or the false prophet of the Apocalypse: a tyrant making miracles to enslave the crowds. We realize that the "Tibetan" – the true ideologist of the New Age – doesn't know exactly where he is going, but he is alongside a political movement which is unfolding under his eyes. For example, he cheers at the announcement of the explosion of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, not hesitating to claim that it is the most beautiful event of all times. He talks of the bomb as the "liberation of divine energy".

This is plainly written in the book "Externalization of the Hierarchy" transmitted to his medium, Alice Bailey. New Age adepts are usually confused when this fact is pointed out to them. In those circles, one usually aspires for an era of peace and is generally hostile to civil or military use of the atomic energy. Nonetheless the ''Tibetan'' asserts that not only will nuclear energy – of divine essence, according to him – free human beings from servile tasks, but that it will also serve to eliminate beings living in sub-terrestrial planes.

This is an alarming prophecy. He speaks highly of the use of experimental atomic explosions aimed at destroying forms of life still unknown to us – especially under the terrestrial shell. What do they want to eliminate with these explosions underground and undersea? All this is written in the works of Alice Bailey, whose supporters often skim through.

We realize that the adepts of the New Age, who pretend to be anti-nuclear, are ignorant of the fact that the atomic bomb – disgusting as it is – was inspired to materialistic scientists by members of the Great White Lodge. It is through such "details" that the true doctrine of the "Masters of the Great White Lodge" is revealed.

Their supporters, believing that anything coming from the Oriental Lodge is the Truth, should learn to think by themselves. It is indeed difficult to admit that the so-called White Lodge – the subject of so much fantasy – could really be black. This doesn't mean that there is no Brotherhood of real initiates. But it simply proves that groups of occult plagiarists do not hesitate to steal their name and qualities from true teachings, and to turn them around with loathsome lies and errors. We will speak later of these pirates of spirituality who come to us clothed as lambs.

(This is the first of an article in three parts)

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